Bondi Beach one afternoon. The light was rather blue, making everything look more special and almost spring-like (oh if only it were).

Nevertheless it was a lovely sunny winter afternoon well spent by drinking coffees rather than actually getting into the water.


 Note: none of these images have been edited, so the blue-ness of them all was genuinely there


Rapunzel, rapunzel...

Oh sheltered princess, run wild.

Model: Kookai Summer 08/09 'Between Night and Day' in RUSSH Aus, Sept/Oct 08

I got very excited about sketching again.This was the result. A combination of pencil sketching and a bit of Photoshop. Tell me what you think..  

I love my maxis

A recent interest in maxi skirts spurred many thrifting trips in search of them. I just love how feminine they look. These below are all from various opshops around Sydney at ridiculously low prices...

Love the blue of this one. It's super soft and shapely.

This one is quite structured and almost painfully tight at the waist..

 I've been told there's a nautical vibe about this one. It's made of wool, making it perfect for winter.  

This is the first maxi skirt I bought. It's from the Summer Hill Anglicare depot in Sydney. Good for frolicking in.