Selective pickings from January. Going through various phases, we begin with rediscovering my old acrylics: 

I enjoyed testing out some gel pens and new watercolours.

Inspired by The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami -acrylic

And finally, a return to sketching. 


Quick sketches

It's been quite a while between posts and unfortunately I have not had much chance to draw, but here are just some quick pictures: 

Playing with the mirror effect in Photobooth resulted in many random sketches of conjoined twins 
A just-for-fun-sketch

In celebration of spring finally arriving


Glebe Markets

So after months of deliberation me and my good friend Alisha decided to go through with plans for a market stall. Sifting through the countless markets available in Sydney, we finally settled for Glebe markets, not really knowing what to expect. Last minute panic over the weather, our stall set up, the weather, pricing and the weather ensued -but we eventually made it. Thankfully it was a beautiful day, but being the newbs we were we had not brought a gazebo -resulting in sun-bronzed (read: burnt) arms.
Our stall

Clothes for cheap

Jewellery as well

Cards and notebooks

Things got a little messy

Some "in the making" pictures: 

Though the day started off sluggish, things picked up after lunch (just as we were about to call it quits!)
Met some wonderful people -Rachel (who was kind enough to take a photo of us) and two lovely girls who I pretty much ambushed as they passed... (thanks for the first sale of the day!) 
All in all, a learning curb and a delightful experience! Plans are in progress for a joint online store.. hopefully :)


A day in the city

Protesters on a chilly afternoon


Lovers on a bench, framed by flowers (what a stalker shot!)