Quick sketches

It's been quite a while between posts and unfortunately I have not had much chance to draw, but here are just some quick pictures: 

Playing with the mirror effect in Photobooth resulted in many random sketches of conjoined twins 
A just-for-fun-sketch

In celebration of spring finally arriving


  1. Hi! You're back :DDDD
    I really love your drawings so please keep the posts up :]
    I just love how kooky these characters are, especially the siamese sisters haha.
    And the attention to detail with all your lines and spatial composition - it just makes it even more surreal.
    And your Spring drawing is really gorgeous, if only trees grew out of pupils that casually huh haha.
    Hope your doing well :)

    1. Thank you so much! sorry for the late reply, only just realised you posted a comment!
      You are the sweetest! :)